Sunday, January 1, 2012

crisp sole fish fry

Sole fish is a good source of protein and provides  generous amount phosphorus, magnesium,selenium,iodine and iron.It is easy to digest so very good for elderly and kids.  

Sole fish- 4-5
 kashmiri chilly powder-4tsp
asafoetida -1/2tsp
salt to taste
rava-1/2 cup
Method: remove the skin and clean the fish and then make some slits to absorb masala.apply salt ,turmeric, asafoetida,chilly powder and keep it for 1/2 hour .Mix maida & rava . now dip the marinated fish in rava-maida mixture. shallow fry the fish with a tbsp of oil.
serve with twist of lemon.

Musk melon shake

Musk melon juice is very beneficial to consume during conditions like lack of appetite,urinary tract infections, constipation,acidity,ulcer.Musk melon reduces heat in the body to a great extend,it makes very good drink especially in summer to beat the heat,tiredness.Musk melon is flooded with lots of vitamins like vitamin A B and is rich in potassium, a nutrient which  may help to control blood pressure by regulating heart beat and possibly prevent strokes.
 In addition to health benefits Musk melon also take care of our skin as i have mentioned earlier it has got  vitamin A which helps to maintain healthy skin so very good especially  for ladies who invest on different  lotions and  creams.
  this is  a boon in disguise for  pregnant  women as it has got folic acid.You can include this in your daily diet in any source as it contains bundle of health benefits.It is very good for kids who are very fussy when drinking milk. as this juice i am preparing is  contains milk .so whole some food for all..

Musk melon-1/2
milk 500ml
few cubes of ice
sugar to taste

make small cubes of the melons and blend it with ice,milk and sugar. serve immediately.

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