Tuesday, January 10, 2012

papayya chicken!!

My husband loves to cook as much as i do and this is one of his recipes that my family loves!! (there are never any leftovers!)
Hearty and flavorful, chili is my go-to recipe when the weather turns cooler. Serve with a side of rice and you have a comforting dish. Plus, it makes the house smell amazing while it simmers. You'll notice a trend with this pepper fry... they're fast, easy and very tasty!
  This dish is very simple, easy to make and zero oil has been used.Those who are in diet its worth trying as it contains healthy ingredients like curd , pepper and lots n lots of curry leaves.

chicken-1/2 kg
pepper-2 tbsp(you can adjust according to your taste)
green chilly-3
3 whole dry red chillies
curd-1 cup
curry leaves-2 springs
turmeric- 1/2tsp
salt to taste

  • 1st crush the pepper in a mixer to a coarse powder. but personally i prefer pounding by hand.I use this for crushing  pepper, garlic, ginger  and for all types of  whole spices.This was my grand mom's gift to me. 

  • Now marinate the chicken with all the above ingredients  and rest this for at least 2 hours in a refrigerator.
  • Now take a kadai or deep pan and put the marinated chicken  and start cooking 1st on high flame for 10 mins and then lower the flame and keep on stirring till its completely dry.If  you want little more fresh pepper then just sprinkle some fresh crushed pepper before serving. 

Note:For better taste and texture you can marinate the chicken overnight .
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