Thursday, January 12, 2012

oats fruit n nut in papaya basket..a complete breakfast

If you think oat meal is boring then i bet if you taste this then you too add oats to your daily diet.Oats may help lower cholesterol  and reduce  the risk of heart disease,type 2 diabetes,it also helps to reduce your weight, blood pressure.It contains vitamins,minerals and antioxidants and is a good source of protein,complex carbohydrates and iron.
       This recipe is not only tasty but healthy too specially with this fruit and nut combination.

Papaya-1 medium( cut in to half)
oat meal-2cups
sugar or honey to taste(optional)
chikoo (sapodilla)- 2 (sliced ) 
banana-1(chopped finely)
cashew nut-5(crushed)                                           
  • scoop out the papaya, make cubes. Try to scoop out the pulp and make a bowl shape out of papaya.From 1papaya you will get 2bowls.


  • cook oat meal with 2cups of water.
  • now add cold milk and stir.oats should not b too watery or thick.
  • Now mix in papaya cubes,pulp,chikoo slices and all the other ingredients.Mix it nicely .
  • At last pour some honey and serve.

choco carrot halwa...its different !!

Full cream milk-1/2liter
sugar-3/4 cup
chocolate horlicks -2 heaped tbsp(any drinking chocolate will do)
cardamom powder-a pinch
nutmeg powder- a pinch
nuts for garnishing

  • Pressure cook carrots and milk for 20mins.
  • After some time open the cooker.
  • now start cooking again on a high heat till the mixture is almost dry.
  • add sugar and continue stirring all the time.
  • when the sugar is fully dissolved ,add ghee and choco powder, stir till the ghee leaves the side of the vessel.
  • switch off the fire .
  • add cardamom and nutmeg powder.
  • garnish with almonds,cashew and melon seeds.

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