Monday, January 16, 2012

Aloo methi fry

Aloo methi
Potato-3-4(cut into thin square pieces)
Fenugreek leaves(methi)-1bunch(about 2cups chopped and washed )
Turmeric powder1/2tsp
Green chilly-3(finely chopped)
Dry red chilly-1(cut into small pieces)
salt to taste

  • Apply salt to potatoes and keep aside for 15 mins.
  • After 15mins drain out the water from the potatoes
  • Heat oil in a pan,drop some mustard when it crackles add jeera and red chilly.
  • when the red chilly changes the color add green chilly chopped,tumeric powder.Saute for 2mins.
  • Now add methi leaves chopped and fry till 2mins.
  • At last add potatoes and little salt(as we have already applied salt for the potatoes).
  • Now cover and cook till dry.
  • Now open the lid and stir fry till you get  the nice aroma of fried methi leaves.
  • Serve hot

Aloo methi

Stuffed curd rice balls(north karnataka special)

Curd rice balls are North Karnataka specialty.People here make this for special occasion like festivals, marriages or they pack this for picnics too.After lunch they like to have these balls.In summer its good to have curd balls for cooling effect.
I like to have it with dry garlic chutney or with dal.

garlic-3-4 cloves crushed
green chillies-2 chopped
coriander leaves-2-3tsp (chopped finely)
salt to taste.
For the stuffing:-
pomegranate seeds-1/2 cup
fried cashew nuts-3tsp(fried and crushed) 


  • Cook the rice till soft and mushy so its easy while making balls.
  •  Spread the rice on a wide plate to cool down.
  • Now add all the ingredients and mix it nicely by pressing with fork or spoon.
  • mix nuts and pomegranate seeds for the stuffing.
  • Now apply some water to your palm and start making the balls.
  • Stuff with the pomegranate mixture.
Serve with spicy curry or have it plain. 

lemon dal

Turdal(red gram/yellow lentils)-1/2 cup
moong dal(split green gram)-2tbsp

for the seasoning:-
red chilly-2
curry leaves-8-10
green chilly-1(chopped)


  • Pressure cook both the dals in  1ltr of water for 30mins.
  • when the cooker cools down strain the dal soup and keep aside.
  • In a cooking pot boil dal soup with little salt and switch off the fire.
  • Now squeeze 1/2 lime into the dal and keep aside.
  • Now take a pan for seasoning.Add a tsp of oil or ghee.when its hot add some mustard and cumin.when mustard start to splutter add green chilly and red chilly along with curry leaves and switch off the gas.
  • Now add this seasoning to the dal.
  • serve hot.Add little pepper powder while serving.
Note:- The strained dal can be used for making dal fry or add this to some boiled veg while making sambar or  to any other dishes of your choice.
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