Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Minty BATURA with Choley

Today is my daughter's b'day so wanted to prepare something special for breakfast.Yesterday i was searching for some parata recipe but i couldn't get the book, instead i got one more interesting recipe in women's era that is palak batura.so last evening i went hunting for palak, for my bad luck whole town was out of stock coz yerterday there was no supply of palak i believe and as it was late around 9PM.So i came back home.But i eagerly wanted to prepare this batura with a twist so for giving that green color i have just replaced the palak with mint and coriander leaves and the taste was so good...my daughter liked it very much..

Ingredients for Batura:-

  1. Maida-3 cups
  2. Rava-1 cup
  3. Ginger-1 small piece
  4. Garlic-5 cloves
  5. Coriander leaves1/4 bunch
  6. Green chilly-6-7
  7. Mint leaves-1/2 bunch
  8. Baking soda-1tsp
  9. Soda-bi- carbonate-1/2tsp
  10. Curd-1 cup
  11. sugar-1tsp
  12. Salt to taste
  13. ghee-1tbsp
Ingredients for Choley:-

  1. Kabuli chana(chickpeas ,Garbanzo beans)-2 cups
  2. Tea bag-1
  3. cloves-6-7
  4. coriander seeds-2tsp
  5. cinnamon-2 pieces
  6. cumin-1tsp
  7. aniseed(saunf)-1tsp
  8. black salt-1/2tsp
  9. kasoori methi(dry mehti leaves)-2tsp
  10. chilly powder-2tsp
  11. turmeric-1/2tsp
  12. green chilly-3
  13. tomato-2 cut into long pieces
  14. onion-4 sliced
  15. ginger-garlic paste-2tsp
  16. ginger-1tsp(julienne)
Method for preparing choley:

  • Soak kabuli chana overnight and pressure cook with salt and tea bag(optional)
  • now prepare choley masala .Make fine powder by roasting coriander seed,cloves,cinnamon,cumin,aniseed(saunf) till you get nice aroma or coriander turns slightly brown.Now powder all the spices along with black salt.
  • now heat a kadai and add oil about 1tbsp,add sliced onion saute for few mins then add chilly powder followed by turmeric powder and ginger-garlic paste.Fry for another 2mins then add tomatoes ,kasoori methi and the choley powder and saute till the tomatoes melts in the gravy.
  • now add slit green chilly and cooked choley.With a help of a masher slightly mash few choley before putting into gravy, it gives nice thick texture to the gravy.If you find gravy little bit thick then add 1 cup water and bring to a boil.Switch off the gas and garnish with ginger julienne and coriander leaves. 
Method for Batura:-

    Grind chilly,coriander,ginger,garlic and mint leaves to a   fine paste.
  • Take a bowl add a cup of curd and then the cooking soda, baking powder and the sugar, mix it well with the fork
  • now add  green paste,cumin,maida and the ghee,knead a soft dough and let it rest for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  • next day mornging or after hours knead the dough and make big lemon sized balls and roll it like a thick round circle and deep fry in oil till light brown.

Methi Matar Parata

Paratas are my all time favorite breakfast because its easy to prepare.For my kids no matter what is the filling they would love to have it with homemade butter or with thick curd.This  methi matar parata is very aromatic which makeds different from other paratas as it has dry methi leaves(kasoori methi), ginger and garlic ,which goes well with green peas.Usually i always looking  for something simple yet tasty for my kids lunch box.Paratas are easy to carry as it wont mess their lunch box.so this is healthy breakfast for your family.


wheat flour-2 cups
Rava(wheat semolina)-1/2 cup
Green peas-1 cup
kasoori methi-1heaped tbsp
ginger-1inch piece
green chilly-5
garlic-5-6 cloves
garam masala-1tsp
chick pea flour(besan)-1/2 cup
cumin seed(jeera)-1/2tsp
salt to taste
ghee or oil for frying


  • Mix wheat flour, rava and  salt .Add little water and oil ifto make a soft dough.You can add little oil or ghee while kneading the dough.
  • Grind coarsely green peas(if you are using dried peas then boil and mash it with a masher no need to grind)along with ginger,garlic and green chilly.
  • Now transfer the  coarsely ground paste to a bowl and add jeera,chick pea flour,turmeric,garam masala,karoorimethi and salt to taste.Mix all together and prepare a filling for parata.
  • Make round ball shaped filling and keep aside.

  • Heat the griddle and start making parata.1st take wheat dough and make lemon sized balls and fill it with filling ball,seal it properly and  gently roll it to circles.

  • now start frying parata.Heat tava and fry paratas on both sides by brushing some ghee or oil till brown spot appears.
  • If you want to avoid ghee then fry it like without oil on both the sides for a minute and then fry like pulkas directly over the gas burner as shown in the picture below.

Serve hot with curd or butter.

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