Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stuffed pomfret with boiled eggs

For the 1st marination:
Pompret-4(slit half the pompret from middle with a sharp knife)
chilly powder-2 tsp

Rub this all ingredients to the fish and let it remain for 15 min or until the 2nd masala gets ready.

For 2nd marination:-
Mint leaves-1 cup
coriander leaves-1 cup
green chilly-6-7
cumin seed-1tsp
garam masala-1tsp
coriander seeds-1tsp
boiled eggs-3(sliced)

Grind all the ingredients except eggs to a fine paste and now apply masala on the fish and stuff the fish with egg slices and the masala paste.Tie the fish with a string to avoid the stuffing to come out.Once you done with all your fish.Take a pan and shallow fry with oil on both the sides.Use a lid to cover the fish while frying.Fry till dark brown.
Serve hot with finger chips.
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