Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sanna idli(savory cabbage idli) a konkani delicacy

Sanna idli is a konkani dish.We have it along with rice and dal for lunch or dinner.It is different from the normal idli.It is spicy and stuffed with cabbage and onion.You can prepare this with or without cabbage also.

Dosa rice -1cup
Cabbage-11/2 cups( chopped finely)
Onion-1 big(chopped finely)
Coconut-1cup (grated)
Red chilly dry-7-8(roasted in tsp of oil)
Red chilly powder-2tsp
Tamarind-1 marble sized ball
Salt to taste


  • Soak dal and rice together for 3-4 hours.
  • After 4hours drain the water and grind rice-dal mixture along with coconut,red chillies and tamarind to a coarse paste(rava consistency ).
  • Now add salt,cabbage and onion .
  • Batter should be little thicker than dosa batter.
  • Now grease the idli cup and steam it in a cooker with out the whistle for 30 mins or till cooked . Just check  by pricking knife or fork for double sure .If it is cooked then the knife will come out clean otherwise cook further few more mins.

Note:-Same you can prepare with the idli rava.Then no need to soak with dal .Just grind dal along  with coconut,red chillies and tamarind and mix this to rava( washed and soaked for 10 mins).
Serve along with dal and rice.We put coconut oil while serving.

Mixed vegetable...a sankranthi special(Maharashtriran delicacy)

This dish is a specialty of  Maharashtra and north Karnataka. .Normally people prepare this on sankranthi day.Makara sankranthi is one of the most auspicious occasion for hindus and it is celebrated in almost all parts of the country.Its a harvest festival.In this time you will get fresh different variety of vegetables.So this dish is a must in this festival.Normally we use minimum 5 diffident vegetable to prepare this dish.Here i have used 7 types of veggies. 

Mixed variety of beans-2 cups(i have used the tender bean pod too) cut into small pieces.
Green peas-1/2cup
carrot-2(cut into 1inch long pieces)
Spring onion-1 bunch(5-6 bulbs)(cut into long pieces)
Gurellu chutney-3tsp
Chilly powder -1tsp
Garlic-5-7 cloves(chopped finely)
Green chillies-4(chopped finely)
salt to taste

Mixed veggies(fava beans,flat beans 


  • wash and cut all the vegetables.
  • heat oil in a heavy bottom pan add cumin,let it sizzle then add choppped green chillies,garlic saute for sometime.
  • now add turmeric and  Garam Masala powder   fry for a second.
  • now add all chopped veggies and salt.Cover and cook till veggies are soft and dry.
  • Serve hot with roti or rice.

Carrot salad,Mixed vegetable, Sweet khichidi dry roti,2 types of chutney,s Stuffed Brinjal moth beasns dry masala, Stuffed curd rice balls  and jeera rice.

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