Saturday, February 18, 2012

Roti Pizza

I  always try to make my kids lunch box more interesting by packing something  new,yummy and tasty.But daily trying new recipe is a big headache so i try something new with the same old dish, In short i give a new look to my simple dish .Here i have tried to give a new look to  my simple roti..........a pizza look.

Wheat flour-2 cups
Onion-2 chopped
Capsicum-2 chopped
Green chilly-2 chopped
Mozzarella cheese -200g
Oregano for garnishing
Pepper powder-2tsp

  • Mix wheat flour,salt,a tsp of oil  and water to make a soft dough and keep it covered  for 30mins.
  • In a bowl grate mozzarella cheese and keep aside.
  • Now divide the dough into 6 big balls and roll into thick disk.
  • In a bowl beat 2 eggs for each roti at a time until light and fluffy.Now add 2tsp of onion,1/4tsp of chilly,2tsp of capsicum,2-3 tsp of grated cheese and salt to taste.Mix it well.
  • Heat a non-stick pan and start frying roti in a medium flame.1st fry roti on one side  and then flip it to fry on the other side.At this stage spread the egg mixture and sprinkle oregano and pepper and cover with a simmer the gas and let it cook.Now open the lid and serve hot with tomato sauce.
  • Prepare all the roti in the same way.
  • Yummy roti pizza is ready  for kids lunch box.
Note: you can use cheese over the roti instead of mixing with the egg.

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