Friday, March 23, 2012

Mudganey(Gram payasam).. A konkani delicacy

Ugadi feast,PODI(kele,karathey,jivkadgi,Banbaley kele),Patrode,Ambya (mango )gozzu,i(bibbya /bebbe upkari)
Mudganey is typical GSB konkanis  payasam/dessert.It is prepared on many festivals and served in temples too.It is a gram cooked with coconut milk and Jaggery.A traditional Konkani dish. Normally people prepare this  on Ugadi day at least once a year.
                                  Mudganey is one of them  favourite konkani dessert So i want to start my new year with this.I love to have this  with lots of tender cashew nut  and raisins and i am going to have this with my Ras vodo which is another konkani delicacy which we prepare on the ugadi day.
                       Mudganey  is a very simple and easy to make.Actually my mom used to add fresh coconut milk  which she used to collect it from by  grinding grated fresh coconut and then she used to strain the ground paste to collect the milk instead of coconut milk  i prefer adding  coconut paste  which really tastes good.

Ingredients :-
Bengal gram-1 cup
Jaggery -21/2 cup
Rice flour-1tbsp
Cashew nut-1/2cup


  • Pressure cook Bengal gram till soft .
  • Now grind coconut along with cardamom and rice flour to smooth paste.
  • Remove the cooked Bengal gram and boil this again in a big heavy bottom sauce pan along with Jaggery .Add a cup of water and boil till Jaggery dissolves completely.
  • Now add the coconut paste and a cup of water to dilute the coconut paste.
  • Cook over a low flame stirring all the time till its thick.
  • Serve hot or at room temperature. 

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