Saturday, April 7, 2012

Four in one laddoo

Today  i prepared tasty mughlai chicken  and some chicken kababs for lunch.After heavy lunch kids wanted to have some dessert and there was nothing in the my fridge.So i asked them to wait for few mins and quickly prepared these laddoos which is super healthy ,tasty  and sugar free.It hardly takes 10-15 mins.
                      If you really looking for something for your kids  then here is  a tasty  instant laddoos which  has dates,walnuts,oats and coconut and i am sure kids will definitely going to love the taste and this is guilt-free recipe for those who looking something which goes well with their diet.

Dessicated coconut/Dry coconut powder-3tbsp

  • Dry roast oats on low flame till it changes to light brown
  • Now make a coarse powder using roasted oats and cardamom.
  • Now in that same mixer grinder add all the ingredients and blend all the ingredients to form a soft dough.Keep 1tbsp of coconut powder separately to roll the laddoos. 
  • Now take out the dough from the mixer and prepare 10 -12 laddos and roll all the laddoos in coconut powder.
  • Refrigerate before serving.

Stuffed Capsicum delight!

This is my 2nd post of stuffed capsicum.My 1st post of  Stuffed Capsicumwas prepared in microwave but this was steamed in shallow frying pan and it is very healthy too because i have used only 2 tsp of oil and steamed which is very good for those who are looking for  less oil food.My earlier Stuffed Capsicum( Microwave) was less spicy but this is little spicy and with mixed vegetable and the taste is superb as my kids finished all at one go leaving only Two for us.Anyway next time i will prepare 4-5 extra so that we can have it for dinner as well.

Capsicum-10(small size)
Yellow Capsicum-1( chopped finely)
Potato-4( medium sized)
Beans-1/4cup(cut into small pieces)
Curry powder or Garam masala powder-2tsp
Green chilly-2
Coriander leaves-1/2 cup(finely chopped)


  • First boil the potatoes till soft .Once it is cool down mash it well and keep aside.
  • In a shallow pan heat a tsp of oil ,add Cumin and let it crackle then add finely chopped green chilly and ginger and fry for few seconds.
  • Now add beans  and saute for few mins,then add carrot and capsicum ,saute further 2mins or it is almost cooked then add curry powder or garam masala powder and salt and stir it well.
  • Now add mashed potato and coriander leaves  mix it well.Once done witch off the gas and let it cool.
  • Now wash and cut capsicum from the top,remove all the seeds and preserve the caps.
  • Now stuff capsicum with the vegetable stuffing and now its ready to steam.
  • Take a deep kadai or frying pan and arrange the all the capsicum in one layer.
  • Add a cup of water in the kadai very carefully you can add a tsp of oil in that water also to get nice glaze for your capsicum.
  • Now cover the pan with a tight fitting lid and cook over the low flame till water evaporates or till capsicum cooks and becomes soft.It takes about 10 -12 mins to cook.Please check the water in between .You can add little water if necessary .
  • Serve hot as a side dish.

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