Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fluffy Water melon surnali/dosa/pancake....

After so  many mocktails with water melon i thought of trying something else other than juices .Then i remembered this surnali my co-sister always used to tell me about this but  only once i tried this ,her mom used to make it with the white part of the rind ,so thought of making this. I wanted my surnali to get that nice baby pink colour  so i added littel melon pieces  and  it really got that  colour and taste is superb. 
             surnali or fluffy dosa is a indian version of pancake which need to be fermented overnight or at least 8-9 hours.This dosa /Pancake is  little bit sweet compare to  our other Indian pancake/dosa because this surnali are suppose to be sweet in taste so we add jaggery to get that sweet taste.But i wanted pink colour and if i add jaggery the colour will change so i  used sugar in the batter itself while grinding.This goes well with home make unsalted butter.

water melon surnali/Pancake

Raw rice-3cups
Beaten rice-1cup
water melon rind grated and water melon pieces-2 cup each
Fenugreek seeds-1/2tsp
Sugar-1/2cup or to taste


  • Soak rice and fenugreek seeds for 2hours.
  • Now grind all the ingredients to smooth batter and keep over night  or at least 8-9 hours for fermenting.
  • Next day  the batter should be double in volume, beat the batter and mix it well  and  start making surnali/Pancake.Remember the batter should not be too thick or watery.
  • Heat a griddle and apply some ghee,pour ladle full and slightly spread with the help of the ladle/spoon  
  • Then cover it with lid and fry only on one side on medium flame.once the upper side is fully cooked and the lower side  is light brown colour then its ready to take out from the pan/griddle.Be careful while taking it out from the pan because sunali is very fluffy and too delicate to handle.
  • Serve hot with Unsalted Butter.


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