Monday, April 16, 2012

Raw jackfruit croquettes

Konkani's love jackfruit whether its raw or ripe..we prepare so many dishes from both raw and ripe jackfruits.Today for the first time i tried this croquets from raw jackfruit and it was taste like chicken  and  even my hubby thought the same .So i thought of preparing two dishes one  is croquette and another one is raw jackfruit kofta curry both the dishes  are yummy and  really worth trying them.

Jackfruit pieces-4cups(boiled)
Potato-1 big(bolied)
Ginger-2tsp chopped
Garlic-8-9 cloves(chopped)
Red chilly powder-2tsp
Garam masala powder -2tsp
Gram flour/Besan-1/2cup
Bread slices-2(cut into pieces)
Corn flour-2tbsp for coating
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


  • Cook the raw jackfruit pieces in a 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker.In the same cooker cook potato but use different container.Cook for 20 mins or take 3 whistle  and switch off the gas.
  • Once it is cools down completely strain the water from the jackfruit and blend it in a mixer along with chilly power,Ginger,Garlic,garam masala powder,bread pieces and salt to smooth dough.
  • Now mash the potatoes and mix it with the jackfruit jackfruit dough and in that add gram flour.Knead this to soft dough using 2tsp of oil if it sticky .
  • Now take a lemon sized ball and roll into desired shape and then roll all croquettes into cornflour and keep it aside
  • Heat oil in a deep frying pan and start frying 4-5 at a time till crisp .
  • Serve hot with tomato ketchup 

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