Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coorgi pandi (pork)curry

pork curry and Kadambuttu ( coorgi style rice dumplings)

This is my second coorgi dish .My first dish was chicken curry and this is with pork.coorgi people love pork they call it pandi. They serve this dish in almost every occations along with akki rotti/otti orKadambuttu ( coorgi style rice dumplings) which is prepared using rice semolina/rava goes well with this pandi curry. I tried this combo for the 1st time and believe me it was simply awesome.
    In this recipe i have used Yorkshire pork which is very tender and just melts in your mouth and with this i prepared Kadambuttu ( coorgi style rice dumplings)(steamed rice dumplings) which is very easy it is like our  rice Oondi.Only thing that i did not use in this is coorgi vinegar(kachampuli).Actually i have no idea where it is available so i replaced it with tamarind pulp and little malt vinegar.The dish was superb and we all loved this dish.


  1.  Pork-1kg
  2. Chilly powder-1tsp
  3. Vinegar-2tsp
  4. Turmeric powder-1tsp
  5. Salt to taste.
  6. Pepper corn-1/2tsp
  7. Coriander-1tbsp
  8. Cumin-11/2tsp
  9. Cloves-10
  10. Coriander leaves-1cup(chopped)
  11. Green chilly-4
  12. Ginger-1"piece
  13. Garlic-1pod
  14. Onion-2(chopped)
  15. Tamarind pulp-1tbsp


  • Wash pork couple of times,remove excess water and keep aside

  • Now marinate the pork with chilly powder,turmeric powder,vinegar and salt to taste.

  • Now  dry roast coriander,cumin,cloves and pepper until dark brown color and make fine powder.

  • Prepare wet masala using onion,coriander leaves,garlic,ginger and green chilly.

  • Heat 1tbsp oil in a pressure cooker and add marinated pork and saute on high heat for about 5 mins.
  • Now add the wet masala and a cup of water .Cover the lid and cook for 15 mins or take 2 whistle.
  • Once the cooker cools down open the lid and add dry masala powder nd continue cooking until the dish is almost dry.
  • At this stage add tamarind pulp and boil further 5 mins or till semi dry.If you want to have it as a snack or starter then cook on a high flame until it is  almost dry.
  • Serve hot with coorgi rotti or with kadambuttu

Pandi curry

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