Friday, May 11, 2012

Appo/Gundu Ponglu/Paddu with oats

This is another  type of " Appo " .My 1st appo was onion appo In which have used onions.But this time i have used oats which makes this more healthy.My kids love Appo/Paddu/Gundu Ponglu So trying something different each time to make it more interesting .As my kids doesn't like oat porridge so i just try to add in some form or other in my daily cooking.

In this Appo i have added a tsp of fenugreek which gives nice golden colour which you can use while making dosas too.Fenugreek has its own flavour which really blends well with our south indian dishes whether its sambar or any dosa or any other typical south indian veg curry. 

Raw rice-2 cups
Urad dal-1/4 cup
Puffed rice-1 cup
Fenugreek /Methi seeds-1tsp
Salt to taste

  • Soak all the ingredients together except salt for about 3-4 hours in summer and 7-8 hours in winter.
  • After 3-4 hours of soaking grind rice-dal mixture to fine paste adding about 4cups of water.The batter should be neither too thick nor  too watery.You can add little water the next day while preparing Appo.
  • After grinding add salt to taste and keep it overnight in warm place to ferment .
  • Next day morning mix the batter well and start making Appo.

  • Heat appo tava( Appya kayli )  smear some oil or ghee in the round shaped well.Now fill it with batter and close it with lid for about 1minute or till done.
  • Now turn the appos using sharp spoon or with a knife to cook on the other side.Again put some oil or ghee and continue cooking till both the sides are crisp and golden brown on medium flame.I use old iron Paddu tava which requires little more oil ( i just don't mind as far as its nice brown and crisp ).But  now  you have a option of non-stick tava which is not only easy to use but consumes less oil too.
Appo served with putane chutney and Oats chutney powder

Serve hot with any chutney
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