Thursday, May 17, 2012


Shrikhand is a famous Gujarati dessert which is prepared from hung curd or yoghurt sweetened with sugar and  flavoured with cardamom .
   I prepared this for breakfast along with poori which makes a excellent combo.You can serve this for dessert too with lots of nuts and can use some saffron to give that rich golden yellow colour to this dish.

Cardamom-4-5 pods(powdered)
Almond-4-5( crushed)
Pistachios- 4-5 (crushed)

Making of hung curd:
  • Hung curd is nothing but yoghurt from which excess water has been drained off
  • For making hung curd you will need a muslin cloth ,bowl and sieve.
  • Place a muslin cloth over a sieve (big one) and pour the yoghurt in the centre of the muslin cloth
  • Tie up the muslin cloth tightly with a string and leave it over the sieve.
  • Now keep this sieve over a huge bowl.This is important ,else you will end up with a puddle of whey.
  • Now keep this inside the fridge for at least 8-9 hours.
  • Now open the muslin cloth and you will get nice creamy yoghurt.
Note:-Don't discard the water strained from the yoghurt.You can use it for curries or while kneading dough or mix it with sour curd to make spicy buttermilk.

  • Now take hung curd and mix it  well with powdered sugar .
  • To get that creamy texture use hand blender and blend it well until sugar dissolves completely.
  • Now mix in  cardamom and half  of the crushed almond and pistachios.
  • Garnish with remaining nuts and serve chilled.
  • You can serve it like a side dish with spicy pooris or can serve as a dessert.

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