Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ponsa (jackfruit) mulik

Summer is the season where you enjoy so many fruits like mangoes,watermelons,musk melons and of course  jackfruits.I love jackfruit especially barko type which is slightly hard compared to other variety that is tulvo which is very soft and little difficult to swallow.I really enjoy making so many dishes from this fruit.We konkanis make so many dishes from tender and ripe jackfruit like idli,mulik,payasam/garayi ,muddo,patholi,pappad,chips ..etc...
Today i am here with one of my favourite  jackfruit snack ie Ponsa Mulik as we call in konkani .Its  a soft sweet type bondas or you can call it jackfruit fritters ,which is usually served as a evening snack .

              In this dish i have used soft and mushy variety jackfruits we call it  tulvo in konkani .this variety is perfect to make these type dishes. I really thank to my son who enjoys climbing trees especially to pluck these jackfruits for me.I really enjoy making dishes with jackfruit which is my favourite too!

jackfruit-11/2cups (10 bulbs)
Raw rice-1/2cup
Wheat semolina/soji/bombay rava-1 cup
Grated coconut-1cup
Jaggery-1cup or to taste
oil for frying


  •  I have used organic jaggery which has lovely dark brown color and awesome taste.Powder jaggery and grind it along with all the other ingredients except bombay rava to smooth  paste with 1/2 cup of water.

 You have to deseed before using it.You can use that seeds for making curries ,cutlets or desserts which i am going to post soon..

  • Add wheat semolina/soji little by little and mix.Make a mixture of thick consistency so its easy to make a ball while frying.
  • Now heat a oil in a pan  and start dropping one by one marble sized lump/ball in the oil.
  • When it turns to dark golden take it out from the pan .
  • Serve hot as a snack . 
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