Monday, May 21, 2012

Pansa idli (jackfruit idlis)

Yesterday i posted Mulik and today sweet idli with jackfruit.Both are absolute konkani delight.My son love this idli a lot so was after me from many days infact he was waiting for this season specially to relish this dish.Usually i use overripe jackfruit or soft variety( tulvo) which makes this idli more tasty and its very easy to grind.So without wasting much time  let me start with the ingredients because i am not very sure about our power it may go anytime.we are badly effected with a power problem so i get only few hours per day to work on my blog

Idli rava-2cups
Jackfruit bulbs-10-12
Jaggery-1cup or to taste
Few pieces of cashew-nuts for garnishing 


  • I have used organic dark brown color jaggery which gives fantastic color to this dish and very healthy too.
  • Now grind coconut and jaggery along with jackfruit puces to smooth paste.

  • Now wash and Idli rava and slowly mix little by little to avoid any lumps with the ground jackfruit paste.
  • The paste should be thick so be careful while adding water.
  • Keep this batter at least 1hour to set.
  • After an hour start steaming this as normal we steam our normal idlies in a idli cooker and garnish with cashew nut pieces.
  • Steam this for 20 mins.
  • Serve hot with dollops of home made butter.

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