Saturday, June 23, 2012

idli ,chutney and sambar

Happy 200th post day!
 I am really grateful to my followers,my facebook page fans and all my friends who keep encouraging me to post such wonderful recipes.

  Today i am here with one of the famous south indian break fast which is my all time favourite Idli sambar .If you are looking for that perfect idlis then here is the secret and a few tips which really helps you to make soft and fluffy idlis in 3 different ways.

Ingredients for the 1st method:
Urad dal- 1cup
Raw rice/dosa rice-21/2cups
Beaten rice/poha/avalakki
Puffed rice/Churmuri/kurmura-1/2cup
Salt to taste

  • Wash and Soak rice and Beaten rice or puffed rice in 2 litres of water for about 5 hours.
  • In a separate vessel soak washed dal and fenugreek for 5-6 hours.

  • First grind urad dal to very soft consistency.The batter has to be fluffy so while grinding keep sprinkling little water.If grinding this in a mixer grinder then grind in two batches adding 1 cup of water each time.Here i have used my tilting grinder in which i have used at least 4cups of water.This process will take at least 20 mins if you are using a tilting grinder but in mixer it will take only 8-10 mins.

  • Now take a big vessel and transfer this batter .
  • In the same grinder add soaked rice and poha and grind it with very little water.The batter should be thick and the texture should be like semolina or bombay rava.
  • Now mix this to urad dal batter and while mixing i prefer using my hand as it helps to ferment the batter faster.This tip was given by still i follow the her method which really yields good result.
  • Now add salt and cover it with a lid.
  • If you are staying in a cold region then you have to keep this in a warm place  and the best place to keep this is your oven.Just preheat the oven just to warm it up and switch it off. Now you can place your idli batter into your oven for fermenting.

  • Next morning the batter should rise almost 2-3 inches high.Now slowly mix the batter without disturbing the air bubbles.

Ingredients for the 2nd method:

  1. Urad dal-1cup
  2. Fenugreek-1tsp
  3. Par boiled rice/ukda/Kuthallaki-31/2 cups
  4. Salt to taste

Follow the same method for soaking and grinding as mentioned in the 1st method*

Ingredients for the 3rd method:
Urad dal-1cup
Idli rava-21/2cups
Fenugreek seeds-1tsp
  • Soak dal for 5-6 hours and grind to smooth paste with fenugreek( refer 1st method)
  • Soak idli rava for 1hour .Drain it well and add this to dal batter.Mix it well with your hand and add salt to taste and keep overnight .
To make idlis:

Next day morning nicely beat the batter  and now its ready to steam.


Boil about 3 cups of water in the idli steamer.In the meanwhile grease the moulds.
Now fill all the moulds with this batter and arrange the moulds into the steamer and steam for 10 mins.

  • Now remove the moulds from the steamer and wait for 5 minutes before taking out .
  • Serve hot with chutney and sambar.

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