Friday, July 6, 2012

Limbiya kanchi/Salted lime with green chillies and ginger

Every year during summer my mom used to make variety of pickle but i have always been afraid to make any sort of pickle especially without oil .I first tried this when my son was ill few years back He was very fussy about the food so thought of some salted lime which is available through out the year unlike mango for which we have to wait for one whole year.Actually my son and husband both love this pickle as it is mild and less spicy and zero oil pickle.This is the reason i thought of making this pickle.Earlier my mom used to send me this pickle .But that year  i prepared it all by myself and it was just like my mom's.In konkani we call this pickle "Kanchi".This goes well with our Boiled rice pyej/rice kanji


Lime or lemon -10
Green chilly-5-6


  • Wash the lime thoroughly .wipe dry with a clean cloth and leave on a clean cloth to dry for some time.Once it is completely dry chop each lime into 5-6 pieces.Same way cut the chillies into 1" pieces and ginger into juliennes. 
  • Now dissolve salt in 4cups of water and add lime,green chillies and ginger and bring to boil.Let it cool completely.
  • Now transfer this into sparkling clean container preferably ceramic jar or glass jar or any non-reactive container will do.
  • Leave it as it is for 10 days.You can either refrigerate or can store in a cool dry place to pickle.
  • Remember to stir once in 2days.Normally i refrigerate my pickle so i hardly touch for 10-15 days.
  • The self life of this pickle is a year but i prefer making  this in small quantity.Sothat every 6 months i make fresh batch of pickles.

Tip: Always use fresh thinner rind lemon for this pickle.

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