Thursday, August 2, 2012

Naral vadi with a twist /coco-beet burfi

We Hindu's celebrate many festival during month of Shravan.Today on the full moon day (purnima) Throughout  maharashtra  people celebrate this day as Naral purnima. naral means coconut which is offered to sea god.The festival also marks the beginning of the new fishing season.So many people prepare this  coconut wadi on this occasion.Apart from naral purnima we also celebrate Raksha bandan and Nulu hunnime/sutta punnav.So on this special occasion  thought of preparing this popular dish of maharashtra with little twist.In this burfi i have used beetroot to get that nice pink color.

 Fresh grated coconut-2cups
Beet root grated-1/4cup
Cardamom -4-5
Fresh cream-1/2cup
Cashewnuts -8-10(  lightly crushed)


  • Mix all the ingredients and make a coarse paste in a mixer.

Now transfer the ground paste to a kadai/pan and keep on stirring on medium flame so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan .It will take about 15- 20 mins to become thick.


Let it cook until its starts leaving the sides of the pan.Now immediately   transfer this to a greased plate/thali.

Now with a help of a rolling pin roll into a 1" thick layer.Cut into desired shape pieces.Let it cool and its ready to serve.

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