Saturday, September 1, 2012

Miskut ..A goan stuffed mango pickl

This is a typical Goan style pickle prepared in every household when summer makes way for mangoes. One of my friend from goa introduced me to this pickle....This Pickle is different from the rest in its preparation as the mangoes are Stuffed with the "Pickle Masala" specially prepared using fenugreek, asafoetida and mustard which gives it a nice aroma and the flavour.
  • 20 green tebder mangoes( small variety)
  • 3/4 cup Chilliy powder
  • 1tbsp Fenugreek/methi seeds
  • 2tsp Asafoetida/hing
  • 2 cups Crystal salt
  • 3 cups ground nut/ veg oil
  • 1cup Mustard seeds( use smaller type)
  • 2tsp Turmeric powder
stuffed goan style mango pickle "Miskut"
Cooking Directions
  1. wash and wipe the mangoes well.
  2. Slit them into lengthwise leaving the seeds inside
  3. Now stuff each mango with salt and arrange this in a big plastic bowl and cover it with a plate and keep some heavy weight for 4 days.Do not forget to mix it daily gently with a spatula.
  4. On the forth day dry roast half of the mustard and fenugreek separately, Then add turmeric powder and asafoetida powder and mix all together when it is still hot. let it cool down then pound it to powder.
  5. Heat the oil till smoke appears over the oil and switch off the gas.In that add remaining mustard seeds and allow it cool completely.
  6. Now open the lid from the bowl and collect the water that settled in that bowl.
  7. Now mix the chilly powder and pound spices using that water collected from the mangoes and keep aside.
  8. Now wear plastic gloves and remove the seed from the mangoes and stuff the masala into each mango and secure it with a thread/twine.
  9. Arrange all the mangoes in a sterilized jar and gently pour boiled and cooled oil over the mangoes.The oil level should be an inch above the mangoes.
  10. The pickle is ready to eat after a month.

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