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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Piyava vodi/ onion sandige

Here comes summer and most of the ladies started making this wonderful sun dried  rice fryums/vodi for rainy season. it also brings memories of my childhood, helping my amma , aunts and neighbors to make these delicious vodi/sandige and pappad . it was so much fun. Now i take my kids help and they too enjoy this a lot.
  • 2 cups rice Rice ( 200 ml cup)
  • 20 Dried whole red chillies
  • 2.6 litters Hot Water
  • 3-4 Onion,chopped finely
  • 4-5 level tsp salt or as per taste
Cooking Directions
  • Soak rice for about 12 hours in 6 cups of water

  • Drain water and Grind rice and chilies to smooth paste adding 4-5 cups of water.
  • Meanwhile boil 2.6 liters of water and keep aside.
  • Take a big kadai or deep vessel or heavy bottomed sauce pan and add rice batter and half of the boiling water and mix it well and cook on medium flame ,keep stirring all the time to avoid any lumps.
  • After 5 minutes add some more water to the boiling rice mixture and stir  to make smooth paste. once the paste is slightly thick add the remaining water and Cook it well.
  • Keep stirring till it starts bubbling. Once its started bubbling cook further for 5 minutes.The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes.
  • The batter should be like idli batter and not too thick as it will become thick once you keep it overnight and so switch off the gas once it comes to desired consistency .
  • Now add chopped onions and mix it well.
  • Cover and keep it over night.If you are making this same day then let it cool completely
For spreading vodi/sandige :

  • Spread one big plastic sheet in the balcony where you get direct sun light till evening or terrace .
  • Now start dropping the mixture with a spoon or with the fingers into small lumps as shown in the above picture.

  • Dry vodi in the sun for a day,at least 7-8 hours and bring it inside around 6 in the evening.
  • Next day turn over all the vodis and dry it again for 2 more days till it becomes completely dry and crisp.
  • Store in an air tight container,When required deep fry in hot oil and enjoy.
  1. Tip: 1 Be careful when you are adding salt as it shrinks 1/2 the size when it dries.So add little less salt than normal.
  2. 2 its better to make the mixture night itself to save your time and energy so that you can start spreading this as early as possible in the morning.

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