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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thai inspired Stir Fried Purple Cabbage and Red Bell Pepper with Brown Rice

    Quick and easy Thai brown rice fried rice that's packed with purple cabbage and red pepper, and made with a unique and savory Thai-inspired stir-fry sauce. If you have leftover rice already, dinner is on the table in 20 minutes! 

      This dish was inspired by the beautiful Red cabbages available now at our nearest super market. You can change the spice balance to your tastes - more spice, less spice,Italian spice or Thai. You can also use meat or shrimps.


    1. 3 cups Purple cabbage,chopped
    2. 2 sweet red peppers - cut into thin strips or cubes
    3. 2 spring onion greens - diced
    4. 1 tsp resh ginger chopped finely
    5. 1 tbsp Fresh garlic chopped
    6. 1 small red onion chopped
    7. 1 Tbsp peanut or any vegetable oil
    8. 2 cups cooked brown rice(pressure cooked with 5cups of water with  little green peas,salt and 2tbsp oil for about 3 whistles)

     For the stir fry sauce

    1. 2tbsp. Low sodium soy sauce
    2. 2tbsp chilly sauce 
    3. 2tsp palm sugar or jaggery
    4. 1tsp Garam masala
    5. 1tsp tomato puree or sauce
    6. 1tsp Fish sauce


    • In a small bowl, mix together the ingredients for the stir-fry sauce to dissolve the palm sugar, and set aside.

    • Chop cabbage and slice red peppers. Dice ginger roots,garlic and spring onions. 
    •  Heat large nonstick skillet or wok over medium high heat. Add Peanut oil. When oil is hot,  add chopped onion,diced ginger root and garlic. Cook, stirring  often until onion is pink. About 2 minutes. 
    • Add cabbage and red peppers and continue cooking for another 2-5 minutes or until vegetables are cooked but still crunchy. Remove veggie mixture from skillet and keep warm.
    • cooked to skillet and then add cooked brown rice. (I made the rice earlier in the day and chilled it) Stir frequently to heat.
    •  Add stir fried veggies back to skillet and mix all together. Add stir fry sauce and stir to combine.
    • Continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until the sauce coats the rice and vegetables, about 1 minute.
    • Add more soy sauce or chilly sauce to taste. Serve garnished with green onion.

    Saturday, December 12, 2015

    Crispy Squid/Calamari Fry

    This weekend try making your own Crispy and Perfectly seasoned fried calamari /Squid recipe. This crispy fried calamari rings recipe is literally as easy as frying potatoes.. should really give it a try at home.


    1. 1/2 kg Squid (10-12 medium sized)
    2. 1cup - All purpose flour
    3. 1/4cup - Fine semolina
    4. 2tbsp - Corn starch
    5. 1tsp - Dried Oregano
    6. 2tsp - paprika 
    7. 1tbsp- Pepper Powder 
    8. Salt to taste
    9. Vegetable oil for frying

    • To prepare this super easy fried Squid/calamari recipe, clean the Squid/calamari and wash thoroughly. Using a sharp knife cut the calamari in slices, approx. 1 cm each. This will create the rings, as seen in the picture above.
    • Prepare the seasoning for the fried Squid/calamari. In a blender add the seasoning and blend it until all the ingredients mixes well.
    • Spread a large polythene bag or tupperware add the flour and seasoning. Place in the sliced Squid/calamari and shake well to coat (you will need to do this in batches). Remove the calamari onto a plate, shaking of any excess flour.
    • Into a medium sized frying pan pour enough vegetable oil to deep fry the Squid/calamari. Heat the oil to medium high heat until it begins to bubble. Test if the oil is hot enough by dipping one of the Squid/calamari rings in, if it sizzles the oil is ready. Fry the Squid/calamari in batches for about 3-4 minutes, until nicely golden.
    • Remove the fried Squid/calamari using a slotted spoon and place on some paper towel to dry for 1-2 minutes. Have a taste and sprinkle with some more salt.
    • Enjoy this delicious fried calamari recipe with a last minute squeeze of a lemon.
    •  The seasoning for the calamari is a matter of preference. Some salt and freshly ground pepper will be just amazing, but adding also fresh herbs, like oregano and spices, like paprika will surely lift the flavour.
    •  Hot oil can be really dangerous, so use a slotted spoon to carefully place the calamari inside the hot oil. Not overcrowding the pan is vital for crispier results. If you add too many, the calamari will release water and the temperature of the oil will fall, resulting into not cooking properly.

    Friday, October 2, 2015

    Subz ki Tehri

    The Uttar Pradesh is just as diverse as its geography. Ranging from simple everyday fare to rich, elaborate banquets, the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh has absorbed and adapted a variety of cuisines to create and entire smorgasbord of wonderful dishes.. Many of the hindu communities  are staunch vegetarians and they have created a vast variety of vegetarian dishes ranging from the all time favourite puri-aloo ,  adn to savouries and different types of biryani...
    Subz/vegetableTehri, a delicious one pot rice meal which originated in Uttar Pradesh.Its aromatic,filled with varied Masalas and lots of vegetables especially cauliflower and potatoes.

    1. Potato: 1, cubed.
    2. Carrot: 1, cubed.
    3. Frozen or Fresh Peas: One handful.
    4. Cauliflower: 3 or 4 florets.
    5. Beans: 1 handful, chopped (optional).
    6. Onion-1
    7. Ginger: 1 inch, finely chopped.
    8. Garlic: 6 cloves, chopped.
    9. Kashmiri Chilli Powder: 1 tsp.
    10. Coriander Powder: 1 tsp.
    11. Turmeric Powder: 3/4 tsp 
    12. Garam Masala: 3/4 tsp.
    13. Basmati Rice: 2 cups (200 ml cup)
    14. Hot Water: 5 cups
    15. Juice of 1 Lemon
    16. Salt: 1 1/2 tsp or as needed.
    17. Ghee-1 cup
    18. Jeera: 1/2 tsp
    19. Cardaomom-4-5,crushed 
    20. Saunf: 1/2 tsp (optional)
    21. Mint Leaves To Garnish,Fried onion


    • Wash and clean rice and keep it on a strainer. Heat ghee in a pressure cooker, add in jeera ,saunf and cardamom
    • Add in the chopped onion, ginger and garlic, allow it to turn light brown.
    • Add in the cubed vegetables ,cauliflower,carrot, peas, beans, and potato. Let them fry in the oil for 3 minutes on medium flame.
    •  At this point keep water to boil in a separate saucepan.
    • Now add in dry powders: Kashmiri chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric, and garam masala powder to the fried veggies.Saute for couple of minutes,on low flame.
    • Add the rice and mix well again on low flame for 3-4 mins.
    • Add in the boiled hot water, salt, juice of one lime and mix well.
    • Cover the cooker with its lid and take 2 whistle.
    • Open cooker after 15 minutes, fluff the rice with a fork.
    • Garnish with chopped mint leaves,fried onion and some roasted cashewnuts
    •  Serve hot with plain curd or boondi raitha.

    Monday, September 28, 2015

    Saoji mutton

    Nagpur and Vidarbha has its own culinary treats. Nagpur itself has its own specialty cuisine like  “Saoji”. Nagpurians are known for their love for spicy food which is prominently evident in popularity of Saoji Food.  Saoji Mutton is cooked in a delicious gravy of dry coconut and whole garam masalas roasted and ground. The key ingredient in this recipe is " Saoji spice powder",which gives very robust flavour to this dish.

    “Saoji spice power/garam masala powder” recipe is consisting of varieties of garam masala which enhance the taste of this mutton curry. This is one of best garam masala powder recipe which has best combination of Indian spices. Additionally dry coconut used while cooking brings extra thickness to mutton gravy. This recipe is also famous  because of its spicy flavor and aroma.The recipe may seem long, but is incredibly easy to make. Just make sure you have all the ingredients ready.This curry  powder can even be made a week in advance and stored in air-tight bottles.

    1. 1 kg -Mutton,  (Cut that into small pieces of 1 inch with bone)
    2. 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
    3. Salt to taste
    4. 2tsp Lemon Juice
    5.  Saoji Garam Masala powder
    6. Brown onion paste*
    7. 3 tomatoes ,chopped
    8. 2tbsp+2tbsp  Ginger Garlic paste
    9. 1tsp byadgi chilli powder
    10. 1/2 cup Coriander leaves chopped
    Saoji Garam Masala powder*:
    1. Oil- 3 tablespoons
    2. Dry coconut- 1/2 cup ,grated
    3. Black cardamoms- 1
    4. Green cardamoms- 10
    5. Coriander seeds- 4tsp
    6. Shahi jeera- 1teaspoon
    7. Cumin-1tsp
    8. Cloves- 12
    9. Black pepper- 1tsp
    10. Cinnamon- 4 pieces of 1 inch each
    11. Bay leaves- 2
    12. Dry byadgi red chilies-10-12
    13. Khuskhus (poppy seeds) 2 tsp
    14. Stone flower (Dagad phool)- 2 tsp
    15. Mace-1 small
    16. Salt- 3tsp
    Method for the saoji masala powder*
    Heat oil in a shallow/heavy bottomed pan,add all the ingredient.Roast till copra turns to dark golden brown colour. Make sure to roast on very low flame to prevent burning of the spices.

    Method of making brown onion paste:
    Slice 3 onions and deep fry in oil till it changes to golden brown colour and drain the excess oil from onions and grind to a paste by adding little amount of water.

    Method for the main curry:

    1. Marinate the pieces of mutton with lemon and turmeric powder for about 3-4 hours
    2. Now take pressure cooker add marinated muttton pieces and saute them on high gas till pieces get light brown.
    3. Then add paste of ginger garlic and fried onions and mix well with the mutton pieces.
    4. Once these pieces gets fried with both the paste add 1/2 of the Saoji masala powder * which is made earlier.
    5. Add salt as per taste and 3-4 cups water and mix well and then cover the cooker with a lid.
    6. Cook this mutton in pressure cooker till three- four whistles depending on the tenderness .
    7. Meantime prepare one more masala paste by adding remaining Saoji masala powder,1/2 of the coriander leaves and tomatoes and grind it to smooth paste.
    8. Take a pan add some oil and saute this ground masala paste and add 2tbsp ginger garlic paste and 1tsp chilly powder and saute till oil comes on top.
    9. Now add the cooked mutton pieces and bring it boil,check the seasoning and cook for about 10 minutes on medium flame
    10. Serve this mutton with bread/ pav or rice bhakri

    Sunday, September 6, 2015

    Spring chicken roast

    Never-fail recipe for cooking chicken breasts with the bone still on. It's cheaper than buying boneless, in my opinion tastier, and just as quick and easy! And if you prefer, You can leave the skin on the breasts, as you wish, but I think it’s important that the bone be left in. This is just my preference (I think it boosts flavour) but bear in mind that this is a pretty easy-going recipe, and you could use thigh fillets if that’s easier.
    Try this recipe ... it's delicious--subtly flavoured and nourishing with lots of fresh herbs...along with this chicken roast ,keeping with the spring theme,you can serve some stir fried half a dozen diced new potatoes with the peas,coloured bell pepper and cauliflower.

    Ingredients for the chicken roast:
    1. 3-Chikcen breast halves 
    2. Butter for Roasting
    Ingredients For the herb paste:
    1. 1 bunch spring onion ( 3-4) (only the green part), chopped
    2. 3 springs of mint  leaves, chopped
    3. 1/4 cup Coriander leaves/cilantro ,chopped
    4. 10 cloves garlic, peels and crushed
    5. 10 cashew nuts
    6. 150 ml extra virgin olive oil or any vegetable oil
    7.  Salt to Taste
    8. 2tsp Lemon juice
    9. 5 Green chillies (optional)
    10. 1tsp pepper powder
    1. Heat a frying pan over medium heat and toast cashew nuts lightly for 2 minutes.
    2. Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend to a purée (don’t over blend).
    3. Either use immediately or store in a jar in the fridge.
    4. Wash and pat the chicken dry..
    5. Smear the paste all over the meat.
    6. Rub it nicely and refrigerate overnight.
    7. Heat the cast-iron or heavy nonstick skillet over high heat until hot but not smoking.add the butter and when the butter is foaming, Place the chicken breasts in skillet and cook  for 2 minutes.
    8.  Reduce heat to medium-high; continue cooking, occasionally rearranging chicken breasts and flip the pieces so to evenly roast on both the sides, roast until fat renders and golden brown, about 12 minutes.
    9. Serve hot with stir fried veggies.
    Tip-- Use apple cider vinegar to deglaze the pan you used on the stove to make sauce! just pour in cider vinegar till the bottom is covered, cook on medium until you can drag a spoon through it and see the bottom for a couple seconds. add salt and pepper to taste.

      Cook and cool the chicken as above, then freeze in airtight container for up to 3 months. Defrost overnight in fridge and reheat as above.

    Sunday, July 26, 2015

    Easy and quick Spicy honey glazed chicken wings

    Here's a yummy, inexpensive, weekend dish – get some chicken wings, remove the skin and marinated them overnight with a little soy sauce, vinegar and spices, the longer they marinate the better.You can easily adjust the heat to suit your family's taste and you also can use any part of the chicken you wish, but we love eating wings in my house. 

    Ingredients :

    1. 10 chicken wings
    2. 1tsp Garlic paste 
    3. 1/2tsp Ginger paste
    4. 1tsp light soy sauce
    5. Salt to taste.

    1. 1tsp dark soy sauce
    2. 1tbsp apple cider vinegar
    3. 3 cloves garlic, minced
    4. 1 teaspoon oyster sauce
    5. 1 teaspoon ginger powder
    6. 1 teaspoon ground pepper
    7. 2 tsp Red chilly paste* or sauce ( i really prefer freshly home made red chilly paste)
    8. 3tsp Corn flour/starch .
    9. 1/4 cup honey

    • Method:

    1. Season wings  with ground  garlic and ginger. Place in a large ziplock bag or container and add the soy sauce,salt and marinate overnight (the longer the better).
    2. In a large bowl, whisk together soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, honey, garlic,ginger powder, pepper, red chilly paste or red chilly sauce.
    3. Heat oil in a grilling pan,add in marinated wings and fry for 5- 6 mins on high heat.. Stir in soy sauce mixture and gently toss to combine. Cover and cook on low heat for 9-10 mins .
    4. In a small bowl, whisk together cornstarch and 2 tablespoons water. Stir in mixture into the slow cooker.  Cover and cook on high heat for an additional 10-15 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened.
    5. Serve immediately.
    * chilly paste:

    • 100g dried red chilli, cut (with scissors) and soaked in hot water for about 20 minutes.
    • Drain the chillies and grind in a blender/food processor with enough white or palm vinegar to get a smooth paste. You can also add little salt.
    • Heat the 100 ml oil in a deep wok or saucepan, then fry the chilli paste on medium heat initially for about 5 minutes until fragrant.
    • Let cool and store in a clean jar in the fridge, lasts up to a month. You can even freeze until needed, in ice cube trays would be perfect, as you can use a little at a time as needed.

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